Thursday, February 8, 2018

Game of Throws HLGCBS

So this is a common thing for jugglers to do post festival as a wrap up of their experiences. We do something called HLGCBS (highs, lows, goals, crushes, banes, surprises). I've been super busy with a lot of things in the works to her around to this. Here's mine for the Game of Throws juggling festival a few weekends ago. (The TLDR... AMAZING festival, I had a lot of fun, it's probably now my favorite west coast, as well as weekend long juggling festival.)

=== HIGHS ===
-Helping Hall Sensei a week before the festival hanging up some fliers around the school
-making new friend and meeting new people at the festival
-swooping Chris Jost from the airport and hanging out with him, Yuki, Myrdock, and Tom and Penny during Paly Juggling club the friday morning before the festival
-seeing familiar faces again including the vulcan peep, Yuki, Chris Myrdock, Something Ridiculous, Taylor Glenn, Passing Zone, the names go on...
-meeting Mantas, another diabolo player who was also interested in contemporary and unique diabolo styles
-the fire show Friday night, and Kevin Axtell being very generous to let me try a new kind of sparkle with my fire diabolo
-doing some LED diabolo passing with Hall Sensei during the fire jam
-Saturday morning breakfast with a few of the festival folk
-having a very successful diabolo workshop where everyone was able to learn the basics and some tricks
-the top talent Matt lined up for the public show, honored to be a part of the cast
-pulling off my more difficult tricks in the public show and getting a standing ovation
-having a few kids come up to me during show intermission and ask for an autograph on their show pamphlet, also handing out some cards for potential clients/future gigs during then
-juggling as Giant Dinobolo and finally getting some footage of him
-going to a bar and having a drink with Matt, David, Makarand, Reese, Passing Zone, Penny and Tom, and a few other jugglers Saturday night
-mini Dinobolo competing in the diabolo bucket toss, and winning!
-The Passing Zone's workshop about being professional jugglers, as well as some advice they gave me in regards to doing America's Got Talent
-having a very successful rope dart workshop with complete beginners and seeing them walk away with some pretty good basics, and knowledge of how to make their own darts to continue practicing
-the after party mingle at Matt's house Sunday night
-seeing the winners of my raffle donation light up when their names got announced for the prizes
-people liking the blood oranges I brought from my house, and seeing the full bag each day get eaten

=== LOWS ===
-giant Dinobolo being broken Friday night and not being able to battle as him
-not getting that far in the juggle battle Friday night
-no renegade show
-being too busy to manage my vending booth, and getting little sales because of it
-getting a last-last minute gig request Sunday morning and having to pack up in a rush and leave early to make it in time

=== GOALS ===
-Perform my more difficult diabolo tricks on stage successfully. (check)
-pack less stuff for future festivals
-sell more Dinobolo shirts and merch when I vend in the future
-get more stickers, and pins to sell at my booth
-perform a new diabolo routine currently in the works for future festivals
-get invited to more juggling festivals to perform and teach workshops
-perform a Dinobolo act in a renegade show with some suggestions I got from Yuki

=== CRUSH ===
-the little girl doing diabolo in the battle friday night, she killed it!
-Matt Hall and the Palo Alto Juggling Club for throwing what's now my favorite west coast juggling festival
-All the talent in the show, and at the festival in general
-The Passing Zone, Dan Holzman, and the other OGs for being inspirations and always being a plethora of knowledge to learn from
-Taylor Glenn, those juggling bag prizes were amazing!

=== BANES ===
-the carpet dolleys not fitting into the elevators when helping set up the gym before the festival, and having to hand roll and carry them up to a floor above
-having to lift up all the carpets we just finished placing because b-ball coach wanted to practice (even though there were empty courts feet away outside the gym)
-always packing up too much things to carry around

-Eli March pulling of his lasso skills in the Friday juggle battle, also the epic dive he did for part of his final bit. That's commitment man!
-having a certain someone come up to me Friday night enthusiastic to learn juggling, and teaching a 1-1 rope dart workshop for her ;)
-How amazing the festival was, and it was only year 1!!!
-having over 150 people on Friday night, and also how many people came from far away to attend

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